Hiring Translation Services and Due Diligence

As a translation services manager on the client side you are probably aware of the many questions you should ask when hiring translation services companies. Your department is centralized with linguists and project managers specialized in the area. But often, especially in many smaller companies, employees are tasked with sub-contracting large translations under the assumption that their task should be simple thus ignoring due diligence and causing mayhem.

Typical problems often ignored include differing file formats requiring different engineering tasks and ensuing costs. On the linguistic side there are many considerations to be taken into account to ensure quality such as the volume and deadline, the translation agency quality procedures and the flavor of the language into which the document is being translated.

The following is a series of questions and answers to consider when outsourcing your translation services needs:

1. What is the source language and target of the document? One must bear in mind that certain language combinations are harder to come by than others which has a bearing on availability and cost. Translating from English to French is a much easier outsourcing process than from Zulu to French.

2. What is the flavor of the target language? For instance a French translator from Paris translating into Algerian French can lead to a lot of quality issues.

3. What is the reason for the translation? For instance in the case of a legal translation, does the translation need to be sworn or certified.

4. What is the standard required for the translation? Will it be published and be the corporate face of the company or is it just for internal purposes only?

5. Is there a particular style of the translation? For instance does it have to adhere to an in-house style guide? Are there particular terms for the translation to adhere to? Perhaps the layout has to adhere to a particular in-house style?

6. What is the field of translation? Is it a legal, business or medical translation? In this case ensure the translator has the relevant experience translating in this particular field, ask the agency for a translator profile.

7. Check and see if you can provide the translation services company reference material such as previous translations, glossaries etc.

8. What format is the document in? Depending on the format there maybe additional engineering costs for the target language. Do you have the capacity to do these tasks in-house or is it more cost beneficial and realistic to outsource these tasks? Ask for a quote and ensure that you understand the additional engineering costs that are involved and decide from there. If you have done your homework in advance you will often get a feel for the level of professionalism and expertise that the client has.

9. Be aware of the translation metrics involved in translation and it’s engineering tasks. If your deadline is too soon you may have to realize that this will have an effect on quality and consistency

10. Will you have to send updates of the files after the agency has started translating? Has there been a system devised to cope with these updates between you and the client. Are you prepared for the extra costs of the updates and advised your boss?

11. Do you require Translation Memory technology to be used by the vendor? Are their Translation memory rates as competitive as other vendors? Shop around and get other translation quotes.

12. It often helps to proofread the source text before being sent to your translation services vendor. This avoids updates and poorly written texts which lead to poor translations

13. Is copyright to be retained or transferred?

14. What are the payment terms of the translation quote?

15. Is there a set of business terms and conditions?

Document Translation Services

If you need the translation of a legal contract, training manual or scientific report into a foreign language, you require the assistance of a document translation service company in place of a freelance translator to ensure that you get a high quality translated script. The document translation companies specialize in providing high quality translated materials for all industry verticals including engineering, healthcare, business and few others. This implies that you will get high quality accurate translation no matter how complex the project is. Here are some guidelines to make the most of these services.

With the help of their online portals, you can compare the quotes online. What these document translation service companies does is that they provide instant online quotes, or they will provide you with the quotes within 24 hours after you have submitted your project specifications. This will help you to compare quotes of different companies online saving time and bagging the most attractive rate. But, don’t forget to check the company terms and conditions to have a better idea of their pricing structure, fees and surcharges before you place your order.

Go through the company’s website to check the list of available languages and dialects to see whether the language you wish to translate your document falls in the category or not. There are many companies operating in the market who offer general translations in many languages, while some other offer dialect translations. If you wish to prepare a document for a specific market or demographic group, consider what dialect would be apt for attracting the customers. There are instance, where the use of general translation language made native speakers confused.

Make sure that you take the advantage of the customer support services. Due to the growing demand of the translation, most of the companies have started customer care services 24×7. If you have any query regarding your project, pricing and updates about the work progress, you can directly communicate with the representative of the company. This service not only provides updates about the status of the project but also solves any other issue regarding a project.

Hiring a professional translation company, will provide you with more advantage over a freelance or independent translator.